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Antarctica Pictures!
Film: Color / Black & White
Digital: Color

Pleaes click above for pictures from my trip

Antarctica and South Georgia - Trailer from Andy Orr on Vimeo.

This is a two minute trailer of my recent trip to Antarctica and South Georgia Island. Sometime in the future I'll be putting together a longer movie for the trip.



- Photography Rates and Policy -

- The hourly rate for Arête Photography is $50 an hour. This will be reduced to $40 an hour after the initial hour.

- Transportation fees will be $0.50 per mile to and from the location of your choice. There will be a $5.00 charge to burn the DVD and mail it to you.
- Charges for photograph editing time will be discussed with you before anything is set. With extended travel, there will be a minimum amount of time set and discussed with you beforehand.

I will prepare a cost invoice to you before any shoot is scheduled. This will insure you're aware of the cost of the service I provide before it is done.

CSM Video from Andy Orr on Vimeo.

8/26/2013 - Check out the latest underwater videos from diving in North Carolina. Turn your volume up!

Wreck Diving with Sharks in North Carolina from Andy Orr on Vimeo.

Wreck Diving with Sharks in North Carolina Part 2 from Andy Orr on Vimeo.



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